miércoles, 13 de enero de 2010


Buenos Aires, Argentina, January 11, 2010



To the Members of the Norwegian Nobel Institute

Henrik Ibsens gate 51

Oslo, Norway


Dear sirs:

On behalf of the “Committee Fidel Castro Nobel Peace Prize 2010”, we hereby  address to you in order to formally submit to the Nobel Institute the Petition applying for the committee's kind consideration by the aforementioned Institute of the proposal that the Nobel Peace Prize 2010 be awarded to Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz.

In the declaration attached forthwith, you will find  in detail the reasons due to which we submit this application, in the understanding that the above mentioned Statesman has made extraordinary contributions to the health and education of many Peoples of the World, by means of sending medical brigades, the founding of the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM), and the alphabetization using the Cuban method “Yes, I can”.

Likewise, we enumerate his thorough campaigns in favour of the defense of the environment, which started at the Summit “Eco-Río 92” and even before, as well as his decisive contribution with a view to obtain the peace in Africa, by helping to end the racist regime of the apartheid, within other contributions dealing with international peace, thus deserving this prize.

The whole World could feel certain that in the case of our petition is listened to, Fidel Castro has made no contribution to waging any war, thus the essence of the Nobel Prize would maintain its true meaning of PEACE.

Without fear of being superb, we believe that such postulation has found an echo, sympathy and support all over the World, as evidenced by the thousands of signatures that we have received from sixty countries of the five continents, after only one month work.  Every time that Dr. Castro Ruz has been proposed as a candidate for this Prize, as this is not the first time, his nomination has garnered considerable international support.

Therefore, we timely submit to your consideration the following elements:


The statement we have spread, on the basis of which the signatures were asked for;


The signatures of the persons who endorsed our petition asking for the candidacy of Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz to the Nobel Peace Prize 2010, thus complying with the requirements of your Institute.  These signatures are followed by others, which are also varied and qualified, submitted by personalities from different areas (cultural, trade unions, politicians, social movements, human rights, scientists, academics, etc.);


All the signatures received from citizens of the world, who wish that the Nobel Peace Prize 2010 be awarded to someone, who has worked selflessly during many decades towards progress, health, welfare, culture, peace and national and social liberation of the peoples of Latin America and the world;


The list of countries from which signatures come from, which up to this date are 64 from all the world;


To the legal effects of this procedure, the Petition is signed by Sergio Ortiz, Argentine citizen,  journalist, Identity National Document 8.363.331, 59 years old, married, with legal address in 3019 Copina Street, first floor, area code 5000, City of Cordoba, Province of Cordoba, Argentina.

Home Telephone Nr. 0351.4641899

Cellphone Nr. 0351.155165884

Email address: sergiortiz@arnet.com.ar


We are at your entire disposal to clarify any doubt you may have regarding our Petition.



Sincerely yours,

p. Committee Fidel Nobel Peace Prize 2010 


Sergio Ortiz

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